4 November - 26 November 2000

Opening Night: Friday 3 November 2000 from 6pm to 8.30pm

The Palace of Exaggeration & Everything' is a cluster of 12 separately curated and titled group shows, solo exhibitions and collaborations all rolled into one event.

    'GOD'S BEAUTIFUL GARDEN' is a group show which takes place on the washing line outside the gallery and features work by Mikala Dwyer, Sarah Goffman, David Griggs, Dani Marti and UK artist/writer Polly Staple. 'God's Beautiful Garden' is an informal exhibition that takes an irrational and lateral look at the use of line, exhibition and absurdity in contemporary art. The works will be pegged and incorporated into the everyday workings of the washing line, and brought in when it rains if necessary.

    In collaboration with Digimatter, Grey Matter Contemporary Art is pleased to showcase UK artist Keith Piper's seminal CD-ROM 'RELOCATING THE REMAINS' which attempts to come to terms with dominant notions of race, nation and history.

    'BLOOD STAINS, BUT SHIT WASHES OUT' is "Another Quality Exhibition by Michael & Michael Visual Art Project Management". Following their exhibition 'HACK' at Grey Matter in 1999, Michael Dagostino and Michael Lindeman this time take on the gallery toilet as the venue for their idiosyncratic style of exhibition making.

    Grey Matter Contemporary Art is pleased to present 'SCIENCE IN ACTION', a solo exhibition by Simon Yates on the ceiling throughout the gallery. In previous exhibitions Simon Yates' home-made machines and models have acted as humble metaphors for the nuts and bolts of the world and reality. For this show at Grey Matter Yates' kinetic, optical and psychedelic works form what could be described as his own bric-a-brac version of Superstring Theory.

    Directly opposite Simon Yates' solo exhibition, occupying the gallery floor, is 'SKUFFSTUFF' - a collaborative exhibition featuring 11 artists from the Imperial Slacks gallery / art collective.

    The 'LAST MINUTE/ANYTHING/NOTHING/TITANIC' wall navigates the choppy waters between kinetic curating and making it up as you go along whilst steaming full speed ahead towards a Bermuda Triangle of flux, topicality and chance. 'LAST MINUTE/ANYTHING/NOTHING/TITANIC' gives room for change and welcomes ideas/contributions prior to and during the exhibition...... Contribute or enjoy the void (t/f: 9518 6991).

    Blaugrau in conjunction with Grey Matter is pleased to present 'CAMOUFLER', an exhibition by Alex Gawronski and Lisa Kelly. 'CAMOUFLER' attempts to both confound and conceal the ecology of the gallery environment.

    A wall in the main gallery was given over to Ron Adams. The resulting exhibition 'DIFFERENT TRAINS, EVERY TIME' takes its name from composer Steve Reich's 'Different Trains' and features the work of Adams & Adams - with Ron Adams applying the paint and George Adams contributing through conversation and supplementary ideas. Comparative to Reich's 'Different Trains' this painting exhibition uses a repetitive optical effect to create visual and psychological landscapes.

    Sarah Goffman sees her art making practice as one homogenous ongoing collection of objects, intuitive decisions, formal solutions and experiences. Rather than producing finished art objects resolved and ready to exhibit, Goffman reveals glimpses of her writhing mass of harmoniously configured personal effects. For her solo exhibition 'PHYSIQUE' at Grey Matter, Goffman gives us a window into her obsessive and intricate world.

    '360' is a 26 minute video loop by Emil Goh in which he continues his gastronomical tour of famous restaurants around the world.

    The Directors of RUBYAYRE Gallery, Grant Ayre, David Griggs, Nell, Mel O'Callaghan, Tim Silver, Mimi Tong, and Anthony Whelan collaborate in 'RUBYAYRE' which takes place on a single wall in the main gallery.

    The eclectic soundtrack for the event 'SOUND MATTERS' + customised speakers are provided by TV Moore.


Gallery hours: Fri/Sat/Sun 12pm-6pm (or by appointment)

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